Band's story


On April 2004 SevenGates have the honour to play live with Blaze Bailey two tracks from his albums recorded with Iron Maiden; this is also the last show with Paolo Baroni as drummer of the band, cause of the split is the misunderstaning of Paolo and the rest of the band formed since the begininng. Now a new chapter of the story of the band starts: Lorenzo Innocenti joins the band as new drummer, learning quickly the setlist of SevenGates shows. The pre-production of the new cd starts on September 2004 at the ZenithStudios by Frank Andiver and on November 2004 the official recordings start for the new cd. The band must call back Federico Puleri on vocals for the recordings, for Cesare has many personal problems during those times. The new album recordings finish on April 2005. In the meanwhile the band split with bassist Simone Vermigli and Cristian Schiavone is the new bass player. On December 2005 the band sign with italian "Adreanaline Records" but the label does not respect the pubishing date (June 2006) so the deal is cancelled. SevenGates refuse all other record deal, for each one need a money contribution for the press of the cd. SevenGates refuse this conditions for a deal. Not as many other bands do. Beside to this, for no band's fault, autoproduction of the cd and another record deal crash.



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