We didn't search more for labels, since we decided to go for an autoproduction of the cd, but we met Franko Sturm and his proposal.

We only asked for some essential conditions:

1 - We don't want to pay any money for the press of cd (unlike many other deals proposed to us). It's time for RESPECT of music and musicians. We don't live with music, but we cannot spend for our hobby. This is our decision. No more expensive production with our money "in advance", hoping for a possible return of some of that money in future..... We'll record and press our future cd only with the "budget" of our sales.... anyway, first condition was simply "no money from us for the press of the cd".

2 - Cd will remain on our site in mp3 for free download. This is our firmly decision. We're in 2009 and internet is "home" for lots of people. Internet is a great possibility for music, not a menace. If someone wants to download a cd, he'll download anyway. If someone wants a copy of cd he'll buy it even if entire album is online for legal and free download. Our policy is "mp3 on our site for free and cd at low cost".

3 - We want to be owners of our music. We want a "simple" deal about our authorization (by SevenGates) to press copies of our cd. We don't want to give away our rights on our music.

About the price of cd. We think that 18\20 euros for a cd is simply a suicide. Cd must be on sale for 7\10 euro. Our cd will have the price fixed of 10 euro. We're happy of the label's decision about this price.

Franko and Icewarrior Records agreed with us on our conditions. This is a courageous choice and we really thanx him for that choice.

Hope you'll understand our policy and hope you'll agree with us.

If you want to support the band in its policy visit the "supporter edition" page, HERE.

Anyway.... Enjoy the album!

Stay Metal!