Ok, let's explain this "Supporter Edition":

Music is only a (expensive) hobby for us. 'Till now we spent a lot of money in music, earning only some of that amount. For "The Good and the Evil" we invested a lot of money in production and recording, having nothing back.

We're still firmly convinced of potentiality of internet and we want to leave our cd, FOR FREE, on our site.

If someone, sharing our policy, wants to SUPPORT the band, givin' us some money for future recordings and productions, we're happy to have some money back, TO REINVEST IN FUTURE PRODUCTIONS.

If you don't want no matter for us.... let's download the cd -for free- in mp3.... or maybe, let's buy the "normal" cd.

BUT, if you really want to support the band, here's for you something "special".... let's have a look of our plans...

The minimum price for "supporter edition" is 18 euros (+shipping)... and you'll become a SUPPORTER of the band.

The "Supporter Edition", LIMITED IN ONLY 80 COPIES, will contain:

1 - "The Good and The Evil" CD, with a PERSONAL STICKER on Back Cover, with your name and the number of the copy.

2 - 2 Guitar Picks, from Tommy and Moronz. Pssss..... we're not posers and we're not guitar heroes.... we pressed this picks only to do a little "gift" for our supporters... :)

3 - 2 SevenGates's stickers

4 - A Letter

PRICE : We're asking for a minimum of 18 euros (+shipping). "High" price for a cd, but we consider this a support, not a sale. Feel free to contribute with more! Every single euro will be reinvested in our music, shared for free on our site.

SUPPORTER "CLUB" : We'd like to create a little "club" with all our supporters, sharing with you all our activities. You'll listen to our promo tracks in advance, you'll listen to our backing tracks, we'll request your opinions about them, and, why not?, you'll even contribute to our cd with choirs and maybe guitar solos.... We're considering this kind of stuff for you....

That's all guys.... if you're still interested, you can ORDER your copy sending a mail with your request (with object "request for "supporter edition") HERE. Please wait for our reply with your number of CD.

If you're only interested in mp3... go and download them!

If you're interested in "normal" cd.... go HERE!

Anyway... Support Metal Music and....Stay Metal!